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The Poor Man’s Agent – Screenplay

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About Tyler Cochran

Born April 9 in Fort Worth, Texas, I'm one of those people who made the long, hard struggle to Texas Christian University all the way from R.L. Paschal High School. "Cochran" (pronounced cock-ren) is Scottish; it was probably made up by some Immigration Officer at Ellis Island one day who said, "Hey, here come some more Scotts! Let's give them real stupid last names!" I prefer being on a first name basis with everyone if only because Tyler is easier to spell. At about age eight, I decided I would love to be a professional advertiser and that, by God, was that. Have never had a "Plan B" since. My decision was only reinforced when the Fort Worth-Star Telegram let me be a student writer and I jumped to the conclusion, sadly erroneous, that all journalists get paid the big bucks. Started acting my senior year of high school but didn't figure as that for a career since the business, I thought, was wholly in New York and didn't cotton to outta-towners. It turned out that was only partly true — and would become even less true as the years went by. Graduated high school in '03, became an account executive/copywriter/graphic designer for a student run ad agency and got cast in a whole mess of shows both college and professional, and have never been without work since. About the same time, I started to become more involved with Theatre TCU in various productions such as Anything Goes, Noises Off, Cabaret and You Can’t Take It With You. This has probably gone on long enough, especially since browsing this site will tell you a lot more about me than you could possibly care to know. Hell, there's more here about me than I want to know...

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